In space, no one can hear you scream.

Most often asked question: “Hey man, what are you workin’ on?”

Well, that’s difficult to say, but here’s what I have worked on.

I’ve played guitar in a few bands that have had the good fortune of touring internationally. I’ve been to Europe over a dozen times, and driven all over the great US of A more than most. Some of the records we’ve made have been well-liked by certain subgroups of the population. Some of the shows we’ve played were pretty big. Many were small.

I’ve also helped people make their own records, including the well-known pop band OneRepublic. I’ve recorded, mixed, mastered, performed and produced to varying degrees of excellence on songs and albums for many artists, some of which are listed here.

After working with OneRepublic on their album, I had the opportunity to tour with them as a substitute guitarist in place of Zach, who was home witnessing the birth of his first child. I cataloged the entire trip on this blog, which you will find here: OneRepublic Euro Tour 2010.