Euro Tour 2010

NY Day 2 part 2

After sound check headed back to the city for lunch at Southern Hospitality. The owner is a pal of Ryan’s. My pulled pork sandwhich was really great.

OneRepublic lunch at Southern Hospitality

This is my last day on the trip as a hanger-on. Tomorrow, we fly to Russia, and I will then be the touring guitarist. Watched the guys open for Bon Jovi from backstage-right, next to Sambora’s rig (all Marshalls, dude, no funny stuff).

OneRepublic live at Meadowlands Stadium

Here are some videos I shot:

YouTube - If you can't see the video, click here.

YouTube - If you can't see the video, click here.

YouTube - If you can't see the video, click here.

Finished Day Four at this joint with the crew guys. “Best Sliders in NY”, they claimed. Well, they were damn good, actually, as were the stories we were told of strange people falling down the steps into the doorway. Not good: the kid at the table next to us who had Voice Immodulation Syndrome. Every laugh (of which there were many) was at full volume. Brutal. Earlier in the evening, I almost stepped on top of Noel Gallagher as we simultaneously entered the Bowery Hotel. His ladyfriend has had a lot of plastic surgery. New York at night = lots of young people roaming the streets and filling hot spots. Totally strange to see a bar right next to another, one packed and one empty. It’ll probably swap next month. A favorite sight: the panhandler with a sign that said, “Need money for Beer and Hookers.” Not so favorite sight: Times Square. Crowded. Good thing we were just driving by. Overall, my main thoughts on this town were: “Where are all these young people getting enough money to be here?” and “Neighborhoods where you can walk to everything is where its at, man,” and “So this is what happens when everyone wants to live on an island. All you hear are sirens and horn honks (seriously, constantly).” I’m sure everyday is an episode of Lost for half the people here.

St. Mark's Sliders

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