Euro Tour 2010

Vienna live

Shot this video before, after, and while on stage. It includes the beginning of the band’s cover of “Take Me Out” by Franz Ferdinand. Spent all day messing with guitar gear, and getting sick. Yep, tour sick. It was all I could do to not sneeze while we were playing:

YouTube - If you can't see the video, click here.

Here’s some video of the show shot by audience members: YouTube – OneRepublic live in Vienna, Austria.

Here's the exterior of the venue.

Here's Mark, the tour manager, saying something (a very familiar sight).

Vienna to Tirana

A “day off”, as they say. I spent most of it in bed, trying to sleep off the impending doom of illness. I finally got up and wandered around in the late afternoon and found something to eat. Then we checked out of our hotel at 7pm (!), and headed for the airport to fly to Albania.

Have to admit, none of us knew much about Tirana, Albania. Driving from the airport to the hotel was kinda…scary. No lights. Sparsely populated countryside. However, our hosts were very friendly, and arranged for us to eat after hours at the ‘best restaurant in town’. It was an excellent Italian place. Which brings me to a point Tedder brought up later in the van: the Albanian language sounds like Greek spoken with an exaggerated Italian accent. You can hear him in this video trying to learn some key phrases (as he always does, they tend to come in handy):

YouTube - If you can't see the video, click here.

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