Day 1


White Trash plus iPhone equals…well, you do the math.

Some friends, you don’t get to see as often as you’d like. But when you do, it’s like time hasn’t passed, and you are the same friends you have always been, in the best ways.

Eddie Fisher

Practice went as well as can be expected.

OneRepublic Broomfield, Colorado stage

Day One finished with a trip to The Hair Of The Dog bar, a local haunt for Drew when he’s in town. We went with Drew’s lifetime pals Chance and Tyler from Young Cities. Drew produced and I recorded them last summer in LA. Love those guys. It was jam night, so there were a bunch of old musician guys trading licks over blues progressions. Everyone was actually an outstsanding musician. Also outstanding was the fact that the door behind the drummer was open to the street and then the whole residential neighborhood behind it. On a Wednesday night. Way after 10 o’clock. Awesome.

The Hair Of The Dog