Helping tech for OneRepublic today, since their crew is split between their Tonight Show appearance and their concert at the Greek with Maroon 5. So good to see Clint, Jason, Bert and Chris again. Love these yahoos.

Times What?

I filmed some interview footage here, talking about my work with OneRepublic on their album. Part of a series that HP is presenting in conjunction with a new line of music-oriented computers they are coming out with. The guys will be featured in the first episode, which I was told will be broadcast in… Times Square? Oh.

They mixed the movie “The Sorcerer’s Apprentice” here. Also, this studio room was leased by Dr. Dre for 5 years. And the reason I wanted to show all these speakers (which are of a design that is/was used in big movie theaters) is that I was informed that they weren’t enough for him. They had to bring in more subs to accommodate his preferences.

And so, thanks to ace live sound man Jason Bennett, who took this photo whilst the broadcast took place, I can enjoy yet another outrageously cool and extremely unlikely experience thanks to the OneRepublic fellows.

Probably not exactly how my mom wished I got on the NASDAQ, but I’m sure she’ll take it. Close enough, at this point.
Here’s the HP video:

YouTube - If you can't see the video, click here.

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