Really beautiful weather here today. Bright, breezy and warm. I spent way too much on breaklunch, and now head to the airport for an 18-hour travel blast. Final thought on New York: the good part is how much everyone was out and about, hanging out (and not just sitting at home Facebooking and/or watching TV). The bad part is how much everything that doesn’t actually matter in life seems to matter there as well.

Goodbye New York

Mother Russia

Arrived in St. Petersburg. The airport has been way modernized since I was here in ’93 (with The Prayer Chain). As has the city. Drove by the hotel we stayed at back then, and saw lots of people walking the streets in hip clothes, going to cool places (quite a difference from before), and driving all kinds of cars other than the communist issue vehicles we saw back then.

St. Petersburg airport

When I watch this video, I realize how much I fell in love with St. Petersburg in ’93, and how it has a unique place in my heart now:

YouTube - If you can't see the video, click here.

We are staying at a great hotel, right near the Hermitage museum, and went out to eat at the local best Italian restaurant (upon their suggestion). It was actually super good. It stays light very late here, as is evidenced by the photo below which was taken at midnight.

St. Petersburg at midnight

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